Friday, June 3, 2011

Prenup Blues

Pamamanhikan- check

Reception Venue-check

Gowns and Entourage--- umm loading but yeah... check....

Now for the Prenup Pic yay!

Now seriously... who would want a stare-at-the-camera-and-smile prenup... we want something edgy.. yet sweet and romantic.
Now this one is EPIC

I love them! (And the bride is so lucky bastard..tsk *jk)

But due to our tight schedules and limited funds, so we might stuck with simpler's some inspirations. (I got them on the net sometime ago... I cant remember the site...some were for Deviantart.. if you know the owner please note me... I'll credit them.)

Pride and Prejudice (with Zombies lol)
Sexy Much?

Forever_by_michellemonique via Deviant Art
Ohhhhhh o_O

Baka magmukha kami lamang lupa dito di kaya?

Yay Dracula! XD well Victorian Theme eh

And another one
Another Victorian theme (love the gown!)

So medyo may pag vampire diba?


Hell NO!
 XD (Pwede din...glitters lang kailangan...rofl)

Pero kung vampire din lang this one nalang!!!

Saya and Haji Blood+
Killing rouge vampires with my chevalier is *squeeeeeeeee*

Any one who would like to help us in this one? :D

venue options: Bahay na Tisa @ Pasig
PLP campus...

Dates : Around August- September